2024 Release Notes

Enhancement: 500 custom fonts now available in 'Banner with News' and 'Carousel with Links'

You can now change the heading of your banner to any of the 500 available fonts.

Carousel with Links:

Banner with News:

Other font settings are also available in web part properties:

Enhancement: 'View more' function added to Banner with news

You can now set the web part to point to a page with more news:

You can change labels and color settings as well as disable this button altogether.

Copy SharePoint Pages Across Site Collections

SharePoint out-of-the-box only let’s you copy pages within the same site but what if you designed a beautiful page on one site and now want to use it on another site?

You can with ORIGAMI Page Copy Tool!

Here is more on how this works: Copy SharePoint Pages Across Sites

Enhancement: 30,000+ FontAwesome icons are now available in Carousel with Expanding links

Use all the latest premium icons and variations!

News Center web part with category filters

Got lots of news? The News Center web part can help you categorize and tag them.

You can style the web part, set page sources and so much more, check out the details here: News Center web part

Rich Charts and Graphs in SharePoint

Communicate data visually in your SharePoint with rich Charts and Graphs

Check out more details here: Rich Charts and Graphs in SharePoint

Enhancement: Collapser and FAQ web parts now support rich text and links

You can now enter and format text within the Collapser and FAQ tabs

Check out more details here: Collapsible content

Enhancement: Show crisper images in News Center

News Center images are now crisper than ever before:



Enhancement: Finder can now show any document library on any SharePoint site

You used to be able to only show the contents of Document Libraries on the current site.
Now, you can make Finder show and search through content on any site!



More about the FInder web part: Finder (for Forms & Templates)

Enhancement: People Directory supports additional custom fields

You can now show 2 custom fields in your Popel Directory contact card, such as extension, assistant, or anything else available in your SharePoint.

You can configure these fields in web part properties like this:

More about the People Directory web part: People Directory

Quick Links Plus web part

New design and functionality for one of our most popular web parts. You can now include more FontAwesome icons, upload full-color icons, and fit more icons on the page.

Square links with FontAwesome icons:

Links with custom PNG logos:

Rounded links:

If there are too many links for the section, the web part will show slider arrows.:

More about the web part: Quick Links Plus web part

Tabs web part

If you have lots of content on the page, use the Tabs web part to organize your content neatly like this:

Pick from thousands of FontAwesome icons:

Or no icons:

You can even use rich text in your tabs.

More about the web part: Tabs web part (with rich text, images and more)

Tabs with Cards web part

Need to organize your content into adaptive cards like these? No design skills needed to make your page look this good!

More about the web part: Tabs with Cards web part

Enhancement: Calendar to highlight days on which there are events

Before it wasn’t easy to quickly see the days on which there are events right in the month view, you had to select a date range and only then events would be listed.

Now, you can see days on which there are events bolded right in the picker view, like this:

Enhancement: Comment and Like right within the News Center web part

We’re making it easier to comment and like news posts. You can now comment and like posts right within the app on the page instead of having to go to the page:

More about this web part: News Center web part

Banner plus / alert web part

Make a bold statement or show an alert with the Banner plus / alert web part.


More about this web part: Banner Plus / alert banner web part