Important Alerts

This App is the best way to deliver company-wide messages and reminders. Each alert displays a title and details and can be scheduled to appear and disappear when appropriate. Alerts only appear on the homepage.

Setting up alerts
  1. While on the Home Page of the site click the [*] icon and select [Site Contents]
  2. Click [New] → [List] → [Blank list]
  3. Give the list a name “Alerts”, and click [Create]
  4. Add the following fields to the list:
    4.1 Alert Body (multiple lines of text)
    4.2 Mode (choice field with options: critical, information, warning)
    4.3 Start Date (date only)
    4.4 End Date (date only)

You are now ready to add a new alert, see section [Adding a new alert]

Adding a new alert
  1. While on the Home Page of the site click the [*] icon and select [Site Contents]


  1. In the list of apps below, find and click the [Alerts] app.
  2. To create an [Alert], select [New] in the menu


  1. Fill in the [Title] and [Alert Body] of your alert in the marked fields. Only [Alert Body] will show on the page.
  2. Set the [Mode] to the appropriate severity of the alert (Critical, Information, Warning)
  3. Enter the [Alert Start] and [Alert End] dates. Currently, only the Date is accepted and the Time component is ignored. If your alert needs to show up only for a few hours - you’ll need to delete it manually.

NOTE: The text typed into Alert Body will be colored black. This can be hard to read when the alert type is [Critical] or [Information]. You can remove Sharepoint default color and let Origami choose the best color for a given alert type.
Here is how to do that:

Updating the alert

To make any changes to the alert, click [Edit] then update anything that needs changing. Select [Stop editing] to save the changes.


Multiple alerts

You can have multiple alerts at once. Users will be able to see and switch between them using the arrow button to the right on the alert.

Advanced: Targeting alerts to groups or users

You can make it so alerts display only to some groups of users or particular users.

Since each alert is a list item, you can group list items into folders and set permissions for each folder to be only seen by a relevant user group.

To enable folders in your Alerts list, follow these steps:

  1. While in the Alerts list, go to List settingsAdvanced settings
  2. Set Folders to Yes as shown below:

Now you can create an alert item within the folder and set security on the folder such that only a group or a user can see it.
Here are the steps on how to do that with Quick Links (the steps are identical)
In the link above, scroll to a section titled Targeting select Quick Links to show only to specific groups or users