News Center web part

Got lots of news? The News Center web part can help you categorize and tag them.

On the page where you need the web part, look for this web part:

Adding a news post

To add a news page, simply create it as usual in SharePoint:

If you want your news to sit in a particular folder in Site Pages, simply go to Site Pages library, and simply copy that page to any folder:

This folder can later be mapped to a category as described in the following section [Updating categories]

Updating categories

You can define categories which users can filter news by:

Simply go to web part properties and click the button below:

In here, you can set the friendly Category Display Name (this will be shown to your users) and map it to the folder name (inside Site Pages library where the actual news live):

If you leave the folder empty, all pages from Site Pages will be displayed for that category (this is used for All News category).

If Only show pages marked as ‘News’ is checked for a given category, then the web part will only show items that have been promoted as news and skip other pages.

If Hide Author & Date is checked, the the web part will not show Author and Date for a given category–this is great if you want to show a list of links like this:

Updating web part styles

You can change a number of style options including these options below:

You can also change the color and sizing of web part elements, including below: