Banner with News

Turn your intranet into actionable information center using Banner with News web part.

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Setting up the web part

On the page where you need the web part, add a Full-width section

and then add this web part:

Adding a news post
---Adding news posts manually (default)

Use this option when you want to direct users to posts hosted outside of SharePoint (such as press releases).

In web part properties, click either Add/Remove Main Post or Add/Remove Sidebar Posts buttons to manage respective news as shown below:

You can populate news titles and links to pages either in SharePoint or elsewhere

To add the Main News Posts
Enter the data as shown below:

The main post allows you to play a video from YouTube or another source by specifying the video URL like this:

To add the Sidebar Posts

---Pulling news posts automatically from the Site Pages library

Only the Sidebar news can be pulled automatically from the Site Pages library.

To enable this, turn on this toggle:

The web part will automatically pull the last 3 news from the Site Pages library on the current site.

Setting welcome message

If you’d like to use the currently logged-in username at the top of the banner, use any of these keywords in web part properties:

  • {firstname} to show current user’s first name
  • {lastname} to the last name
  • {fullname} to show the full name

Here is how the {firstname} will look like for the user named “Steven”

Updating banner styles

You can change these style options:

Colors & Styles

You can also change the height of the whole banner to fit more news:

Font Settings

Labels & Language