Carousel with Expanding Quicklinks (homepage slider)

Make your homepage modern with a website-like, full-width slider and quick links.

Setting up the web part

On the site where you need the web part:

  1. Access Site Pages library settings.
  2. Add the following columns:
    2.1 NewsType [choice field]. Add 2 options to this choice field: ‘Carousel’, and ‘None’.
    2.2 DisplayOrder [Number]
  3. Ensure you have quick links enabled on the site as described here: Home Quick Links
  4. Navigate to the page where you want the slider and pick it from the list:

NOTE: The slider looks best when added to the Full-Width SharePoint page section.

  1. Create at least one news item as shown in the sequence below [Adding a news post]
Adding a news post
  1. Click the [Add a news post +] button
  2. Enter the title of the news in the [Name your news post] section
  3. Provide a header image for the news.
  4. Add the content to the page as usual
  5. To show the news in the home page carousel, select Page Details in the header, as shown below:
  6. In the right-hand side panel, under [Properties][News Type] select: [Carousel]
  7. Enter the Description of the news
  8. Post the news
Changing autoplay options

You can either turn on or off the autoplay and set the autoplay speed.
To do that, access the web part properties for options:


Alternative display of quick links

If you have only a small amount of quick links, you might consider this version of the carousel.
More about this app here: Carousel with Static Quicklinks (homepage slider)

If you want to separate your quick links from the carousel, try this app: Carousel without Quicklinks (homepage slider)