Carousel with Expanding Links

Make your homepage modern with a website-like, full-width slider and quick links.

Setting up the web part

On the page where you need the web part, add a Full-Width section:


Then add this web part:

Adding a news post

In web part properties, click the Add/Remove News Posts button

When you add at least 2 news posts, the carousel will rotate them but you can turn auto rotation off

You can populate news titles and links to pages either in SharePoint or elsewhere

If you’d like to use the currently logged-in user name anywhere in your Title or Description, type in

  • {firstname} to show current user’s first name
  • {lastname} to the last name
  • {fullname} to show the full name
Adding/ removing quick links

You can choose quick links that will show under the news posts.
For that, open the web part properties and click Add/Remove Quick Links button:

Here you can add links, update display order and more:

Updating carousel styles

You can change a number of style options for your carousel, including the color of the panel where quick links appear and the color of the links.
Here are all of the available options:

The Color Settings

The Font Settings

You can also change the height of the whole carousel:

If the image you’re using for the carousel is too bright for the text to be seen properly, you can add a tint with this option:
It’ll make the image a bit darker without you having to edit it.

If you’d like to hide links panel, you can do that by toggling this option: