Posts and Press Release Carousel in SharePoint (with targeting)

Posts and Press Release Carousel can help you show content from a variety of sources in a single place. It’s great for the Newsroom and Homepage sites but can be used anywhere.

To use this app look for the following web part in your SharePoint page section.


We recommend adding Posts Carousel to a Full-Width section to make your site look website-like.

Adding and updating posts

To add new posts, follow these steps:

  1. Access web part properties.

  2. In the property pane, click the button titled [Add/Remove posts]

  3. Add post Title, Image URL, URL to the post, optionally By Line or Targeting.

NOTE: Please add at least 3 posts for the carousel to work. Posts can be articles on SharePoint or elsewhere. Same for images, they can be stored anywhere.

  1. Click the [Save] button.
Updating or removing webpart colors

You can update the item color as shown below:


To do that, pick a color of your choice as shown below (you can also enter HEX):

Image sizing and sample images

The best image resolution for the post images is 215 x 145.

You can use stock images for best fit:

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