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Search Banner web part

Use Search Banner to help employees find Forms and Templates and other popular documents on your intranet right in the page header.

More on this new app here: Search Banner Web Part

Finder web part

Use the Finder web part to help employees find Forms and Templates and other popular documents.



Search Results View:


More on this new app here: Finder (for Forms & Templates)

Anniversaries web part

Use the Anniversaries web part to celebrate employees’ major milestones and anniversaries.

The web part will show a list of people whose anniversary is due each month and year that anniversary is coming up. You can also scroll and see upcoming and past anniversaries.

Untitled Project

More on this new app here: Anniversaries, Milestones and Birthdays web part

Image rounding web part

Use the Image Rounding web part to round corners for your SharePoint out of the box images in News, Countdowns, and other web parts, helping to make your page more modern:

More on this new app here: Image rounding web part

Social Corner web part

Social Corner is great to use for a bulletin or message board, social posts, idea directory, shout outs, recognitions, announcements and new employee welcomes.


More on this new app here: Social Corner web part

Enhancement: Carousel with links (without targeting)

Carousel has been enhanced with these additions:

  • You can change the height of the carousel:

  • Add a tint to an image (for images that are too bright for text to be seen properly):

  • Hide links panel:

Enhancement: All web parts have direct link to their manuals

All Origami web parts will now have a link to their respective manuals right in web part properties, like this:


Link Tiles web part

Link Tiles web part is great new design for your quick links.

Here is an example of it being used with the banner:

More on this new app here: Link Tiles web part

Calendar and Events web part (color coded SharePoint calendar)

Calendar web part connect to your Events list on the SharePoint site and makes it incredibly easy for users to pick any date or range on a calendar and see related events.

More on this new app here: Calendar (color-coded SharePoint calendar / Microsoft 365 Group calendar)

Enhancement: Finder to display contents of default folder on initial load

You can now set the Finder app to automatically show a specific folder each time it loads.
For that to happen, just set this web part property:
In this example, the web part will automatically load contents of the “policies” folder in the library.

Enhancement: Show multiple anniversary feeds

If you’d like to separate “work anniversaries” in a different feed from, say “birthdays”, you can now do that.

More details on how to configure this functionality: Anniversaries, Milestones and Birthdays web part

Enhancement: Finder now supports nested folders

Previously the Finder web part showed folders one level deep and it didn’t show folders within folders. Now nested folders show similar to how they are defined in a source document library.

User Feedback web part

Collect valuable user feedback to improve your intranet and save it directly into the SharePoint list.

More on this new app here: User Feedback web part

Enhancement: Advanced multilingual support on all web parts

Origami web parts will now have language configuration section allowing you to set desired text for web part controls.
Here is the example of web part properties:

See individual web part manuals for more details on this configuration. Some web parts will have more options than others.

Enhancement: Tracking RSVPs in SharePoint Calendar

Knowing who’s coming to an event can help organizers plan seating, food and other logistics.
Here is an example of how some one can RSVP for an event:


More details on how to configure this functionality (see section Tracking RSVPs in link below): Calendar (color-coded SharePoint calendar / Microsoft 365 Group calendar)

Enhancement: Hide users from SharePoint People Directory

We’ve added a few options to hide users from the Staff Directory so you don’t have to make any changes to your AD.
Here are those options:

For more details on other options and how to configure them see the Staff Directory manual here: People Directory

Enhancement: Image picker added to Banners and Carousels

You can now easily pick an image for your banner or carousel web part using a versatile image picker instead of providing direct URL.

From here you can pick an image from anywhere:

Enhancement: Color picker added to multiple web part properties

Many of the Origami web parts allow you to set their own unique color, now it’s even easier to pick the color with the latest addition of color picker where applicable.

Depending on the web part, in it’s properties you will see a color picker. Here is the example for quick links web part:

When expanded, you can pick the color like this:

The only place where the color picker is still a textbox is when a specific web part property allows for the gradient.

Enhancement: Instantly change banner image focus

Sometimes you get a great banner image for your banner but then spend hours fiddling with it trying to fit in the window correctly. Now, you can change the image focus and instantly see what it’ll look like.
Like this:

Enhancement: Staff Directory allows to sort people by other attribute than just First Name

You can now specify another attribute to sort your user profiles in the Staff Directory.
To change the sort attribute simply go to web part properties and change it under Refiners and Filter like this:

Enhancement: New Font Settings for Banner (half-image) & Carousel with Expanding Links

You can now control font size and weight in your carousel and banner:

This will help you make your communication stand out more:

Enhancement: Stock photos in Carousel with Expanding Links, Banner (half-image), and Posts

You can now use stock photos in these apps:
image image image

When picking an image simply select Stock images to access the image library:

More about this web part here: Carousel with Expanding Links (without targeting)

Enhancement: Social Corner now makes URLs and Emails more visible and clickable

Before if the Social Corner post had an email or a link, it would not be clickable. Now it’s not only clickable, it’s also more visible like this:

Enhancement: Posts Carousel now has an image picker

Posts Carousel image now let’s you pick images easier with an image picker.

Simply access the list of posts to pick an image:

You can pick from a variety of sources including stock images, external images or images from SharePoint:

Enhancement: Set who is allowed to post in Social Corner

You can now hide this textbox:

And allow only the Page Editors to be able to post to Social Corner.
As long as the user has the ability edit the page, they can post to Social Corner.

If you’d like to allow everyone to post–you can do that too.

To decide who can post, access the Social Corner properties and toggle this setting:

See this post for more details on how to configure page security: Social Corner web part

Enhancement: Search banner gradient glow

We’ve added new options to help you set the gradient color and glow on your Search Banner to help you draw in your employees


Enhancement: Finder can now open links in the browser or download to user's computer

We added a new property to the Finder web part to let you choose how you want links to open.
If you want them open in the SharePoint Previewer (default option), se this setting in the Finder’s web part properties:
Otherwise (this was our old default):

Enhancement: Quick Links now allow you to do Audience Targeting

You can now build your own audience and target who you will show your quick links:

In the Edit Mode, the web part will show this:


More on how to do that here: Quick Links (new with audience targeting)

Enhancement: Posts Carousel can now be targeted to specific department or Everyone

You can now target items in the posts carousel to members of specific department. The department assignments are coming from Active Directory.

Simply pick which post is targeted and which one shows for everyone like this:

The resulting carousel will only show posts to their respective department employees:

Banner with News web part

Keep your employees engaged and informed with interactive news banner:

More on this new app here: Banner with News

Enhancement: Calendar to roll up events from multiple SharePoint sites or Microsoft 365 groups - all in one list

Instead of showing events from a single site or Microsoft 365 group, you can now show events from anywhere in a single view.
Here is how you choose which calendars you want to roll up (these are new web part properties of the Calendar app):

Enhancement: Video Carousel gets new style options

You can now add video carousel to various sections and decide how your videos should look like.

More details about this new functionality: Video Carousel in SharePoint

Enhancement: Carousel with Links can now hide posts due to expire

You can now set expiry date on posts so they don’t show past that date.
Here is how to set this in web part properties:

Enhancement: Finder to allow quick previews on documents

You can now make it so users can see a quick preview of the document before deciding to open it, like this:

More details on this functionality: Finder (for Forms & Templates)

Enhancement: Banner with News now supports rotating carousel

If you add more than one news piece to the Main News Post list

The web part will turn on the slider carousel automatically:

Enhancement: Quick Links let you set custom PNGs as icons

You can now upload your custom PNG icons as quick links:

Be sure to set the background of your PNG as transparent and keep the dimensions square, and Origami will take care of the rest.

Enhancement: Quick Links now can be as round or as square as you like

You can change the roundness of your quick links like this:

Enhancement: Search Banner now supports image as a background

You can now have your search banner look like this:

All you need to do is select a stock or upload your own image from the web part properties:

Enhancement: Banner with News can now pull site news automatically

You can have your news managed manually:

Or automatically latest 3 news:

Regardless of your preference, your news will appear seamlessly like this:

Enhancement: Change header font in your Search Banner

You can now pick out of 500 different Google Fonts to make your header look like this:

It also looks amazing on mobile:

To change the font, simply go to the edit mode of the page and click “change font” as shown below:

Enhancement: Show multiple SharePoint document libraries in one view using the Finder

Finder now let’s you show multiple libraries under one umbrella, truly a one-stop-shop.
Here is how you configure this in Finder web part properties:

The add the libraries you need:

As a result you will see a consolidate view like this:

Enhancement: Finder now searches within documents

You can set so the Finder web part searches for text within documents:

Simply toggle this new setting in the web part properties:

Enhancement: Build captivating pages using video inside Banner with links

You can now upload or link to a local video as easy as this:

Heading and separator web part with custom font for SharePoint

Want to add a custom font or style to your SharePoint headings?
This new web part is for you:

More details: Heading and separator web part with custom font for SharePoint