User Feedback web part

Collect valuable user feedback to improve your intranet. This web part will automatically track which page employees have posted feedback about.

To use this app look for the following web part in your SharePoint page section.

Initial set up

When you add the app to the page for the first time, you’ll need to create a list where your feedback will be saved.
To do that:

  • Access web part properties and click Create Feedback button as shown below:

This will create a list called Feedback on the site. You can also change the list name where the feedback will be stored by toggling Change Feedback List and setting the list name as shown below:

When the list is created, click the Manage Feedback button:

Now you need to give permissions to this list for all users:

  1. Click (*)List Settings

  2. On the settings page, click [Permissions for this list]

  3. Click the Stop Inheriting Permissions button in the ribbon

  4. Click Grant Permissions and in the popup specify “Everyone but external users”

  5. Click Share. This will ensure when Readers share their feedback, this list will allow them to store that feedback.

Other options

You can change a few other web part options on the page, such as language, labels, and colors: