Search Banner Web Part

Use Search Banner to help employees find Forms and Templates right at the top of the page.

To use this banner add this app to any of your SharePoint sections:

Configuring search

When you first add the Search Banner to the page you will see this prompt:

Click Choose a Library and type in the name of any document library on the site, such as Documents or any custom library.


If your library has folders, they will show up below the search box like this:

You can add files directly to the root of the chosen document library or to corresponding folder.
Search Banner will automatically pick up files for your employees to find.

Styling your banner

You can chose what welcome message shows up in the banner by setting Banner Heading web part property:

To set the searchbox placeholder text, change the Searchbox Prompt web part property:

To change the background color or a gradient, update the Background color property:

And, finally, you can resize the height of the banner by changing the Banner Height web part property: