Making a copy of any list such as FAQ, Quick Links or Info Directory

You can make a copy of any list (including FAQ or Quick Links) so that you can have several different FAQ and Quick Link apps on a single page or different pages residing in the same SharePoint site

Here are the steps on how to copy the SharePoint list:

  1. Click the [*] icon → [Site Contents]

  2. Click [+New][List] as shown below

New List

  1. Select [From an existing list].
    Here, provide the name of the new list, in the example below, “Fall FAQ”.
    Also, pick a list you’d like to copy from this site or any other site in your intranet.

For FAQs, pick the FAQ list
For Quick Links for the quick links
For Info Directory, you guessed it.

  1. Click [Create]

  2. When the list is created you will be taken to the new list where you can add new items as usual

Copying Info Directory list

NOTE: If you made a copy of the info directory list you also need to follow these steps for new items to be picked up: Create SharePoint site Content Type for Info Directory and assign it to a list

If you’re seeing this after 5 minutes of following the above steps:

You need to import the search configuration described in Info Directory search showing no results (even with items appearing in the list) , section titled [Have you copied the Info Directory list to a new site that has not been configured yet?]

Anything unclear or doesn’t work?
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