Info Directory search showing no results (even with items appearing in the list)

Are you seeing this when loading the Info Directory app on your page?

Has your site been deployed to an environment using MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)?

If so, it’s likely that PnP provisioning script was not used and the following command was not executed or returned an error:

Set-PnPSearchConfiguration -Path InfoDirectory_search.xml -Scope Site

Have you copied the Info Directory list to a new site that has not been configured yet?

Here are the steps to fix this in both of those instances:

  1. Copy the search settings export from the master site [Gear] → [Settings] → [Export search configuration]

  2. Upload the search configuration to a new site [Gear] → [Settings] → [Import search configuration]

  3. Confirm the import was a success:

If this is what some of your intranet users are seeing:

If this is occurring mostly for your new users that have recently gained access to the site we recommend waiting 24 hours for the SharePoint search to adjust security to its search results.

The reason why this wait is recommended is because SharePoint search trims security for all users and it may take up to 24 hours for SharePoint search to re-crawl the site. This behavior and recommendation is documented on the Microsoft support site.

If it has been more than 24 hours and you see the same result, you can start a forced Re-Index of the root site by going to this URL:

And clicking the Re-Index the site.

Please allow up to 24 hours to re-index to complete.