Create SharePoint site Content Type for Info Directory and assign it to a list

When you copy a SharePoint List to another site, if that list uses a Site content type, SharePoint currently doesn’t copy that Content Type with the list. Instead, SharePoint creates a List scoped Content Type.

This affects the Info Directory. Though Microsoft may likely fix this issue, here is a workaround you need to perform after you copy the Info Directory list.

  1. Navigate to the site where you copied the list to (target site) and access List Settings
  2. In the Content Types section, click on [Info Directory Post] content type
  3. Click the link titled [Delete this content type]
  4. Go back to the List Settings and delete the following columns from the list:
  5. Next, go to Site Settings of the target site and click [Site content types]
  6. Click [Create content type] and set it up with the following settings:
    Name: Info Directory Post
    Category: Custom Content Types
    Parent category: List Content Types
    Parent content type: Item

(see below for reference)

  1. Click [Add site column] → [Create new site column]

  2. Add these columns with respective types:
    InfoPostAttachments: Multiple lines of text
    InfoPostBody: Multiple lines of text
    InfoPostTags: Multiple lines of text
    InfoPostTitle: Single line of text

  3. Navigate to the List Settings of the list you copied in step 1

  4. Under Content Types click [Add from existing content type] and select [Info Directory Post] from the list.

  5. You can optionally add fields you created in step 8 to the list default view