Adding a SharePoint page to your site, and Editing news link / repost

Add a new SharePoint page to your site
  1. In the site where you need a new page, click the [*] icon | [Add a page]


  1. Provide page title and content as desired. Note: The page will be automatically saved as you add new content

  2. To publish the page click the [Publish] button on the right-hand side of the screen when ready.

  3. You can copy the page URL in the panel on the right and use it as a link or perform a few other actions as shown below:


Copy an existing page

To make a copy of an existing SharePoint page:

  1. Navigate to the page you need to copy.

  2. Click [*][Site contents]

  3. Open the Site Pages library

  4. Find the page you’d like to copy and click the Copy to option from the context menu, as shown below

  5. Click the Copy here to confirm

The new page will be copied with the same name +1 in the library. You can now open that page to edit it.

Editing a SharePoint news repost/ news link
  1. In the site where you created a SharePoint news repost page before, click the [*] icon | [Site contents]

  2. Open the Site Pages list

  3. Find the page you’re trying to edit and open it by clicking on the article

  4. Now, click the [Edit] button to be able to edit the Title and Description of the news repost

  5. When ready, click the [Update news] button as shown below

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