Home Quick Links (legacy)

Quick Links are the tools most frequently used by your team and are found next to the News & Events list. Change and update these at any time to streamline workflow as needs evolve.
NOTE: Home page looks best with 8 links.


Setting up the web part

On the site where you need to show the web part, create a new SharePoint list with the title [Quick Links] with the following fields:

  1. Title [default / no need to create]
  2. Icon [single line of text]
  3. URL [Hyperlink or Picture]
  4. Active [Yes/No]
  5. New Window [Yes/No]
  6. Display Order [Number]
Adding/changing quick links
  1. To add or change Quick Links, select [Site Contents] under [*] on the homepage.
  2. Select [Quick Links] from the list of apps.
  3. To edit a link, select [Edit] on the menu. This will set the entire grid of links to enter the edit mode.
  4. Here you can change the [Title], [Link], Icon, Active (or hidden), Display Order, and whether or not the link opens a new tab or remains in the current browser tab.


Selecting “No” in the [Active] column will hide the quick link on the homepage but keep it available in the app to re-enable in the future.

[Display Order] is an optional numeric value used to sort links in the desired order.

Steps on selecting a quick link icon are here.

Targeting select Quick Links to show only to specific groups or users

Sometimes homepage links can be relevant to some users and not relevant to others. For example, the Engineering team will not need to see the CRM icon but the Procurement team will.
You can show specific links to select groups and hide them for all the others.

Here is how to do that set this up:

  1. Ensure you have a security group for the target team who will see the link, in our case the Procurement team will see the link and others won’t.

NOTE: If you need setting up a new security group, ask your admin or follow the steps here: Create, edit, or delete a security group in the Microsoft 365 admin center - Microsoft 365 admin | Microsoft Learn

  1. Navigate to the Quick Links list, select [Site Contents] under [*] on the site.

  2. Select the link you’d like to only show for the Procurement team, in our case CRM link, and pick Manage access as shown below:


  1. In here, remove the group that already has access to the link, in our case [OrigamiHub Memebers]


You will see the group removed from this particular link.

  1. Now, click the (+) symbol as shown below and find the name of the group representing members of the Procurement team.


Now the CRM icon will only show to the members of the Procurement team and no one else. You can create the same set up for other icons as you see fit.

Anything unclear or doesn’t work?
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