Quick Links (with custom icons)

An alternative Quick Link app to help your users find relevant resources quickly.

Here is an example of Quick Links web part.

Setting up the web part

Edit the page where you want to see quick links, and pick this app from the gallery:

You can add as many quick link apps as you need to a page.

Adding a new or updating an existing link
  1. Edit web part properties and click the Add/Remove Quick Links button

  2. Add, remove, or re-order quick links as you see fit

NOTE: If you’d for your link to download a document (such as PDF), tick [Is this a download] checkbox. This will cause the web part to download a given file instead of opening it in the browser.

Changing quick links style

You can change the color of the button and the text by going to web part properties and adjusting colors to your liking:


You can also resize you links as you see fit.

Audience Targeting

You can choose who can see quick links by defining your own audience. For now you can define the audience based on employee department and location, please let your support know if you need other attributes.

Here is how to define the audience:

  1. Go to web part properties and under Target Audience, click Define Target Profile, like this:

  2. Define who do you want to be able to see these quick links, like this:

In here, employees whose Delve profile says they work at New York location and whose department is Administrative will only be able to see the quick links.

Note that when you define the audience, when your in Edit Mode you will still see the quick links but the following notice will be shown just for you:

You can un-target (show links to everyone) by deleting filter criteria you set in step 2.