Quick Links Plus web part

Quick Link Plus lets you fit more quick links on the page while keeping the design crisp.

Here is an example of the Quick Links Plus web part.

Square links with FontAwesome icons:

Links with custom PNG logos:

Rounded links:

If there are too many links for the section, the web part will show slider arrows.:

Setting up the web part

Edit the page where you want to see quick links, and pick this app from the gallery:

You can add as many quick link apps as you need to a page.

Adding a new or updating an existing link
  1. Edit web part properties and click the Add/Remove Quick Links button

  2. Add, remove, or re-order quick links as you see fit

NOTE: If you’d for your link to download a document (such as PDF), tick [Is this a download] checkbox. This will cause the web part to download a given file instead of opening it in the browser.

Using custom PNG icons

If you’d like to use a custom PNG icon for your quick links, please use a transparent square image with these dimensions: 650 x 650 pixels.

You can upload the icon when you add/edit quick links:

Changing quick links style

You can change the color of the button and the text by going to web part properties and adjusting colors to your liking:


You can also resize your links as you see fit.

You can even overlay quick links on another web part by using the margin slider–this will pull the quick links up or move them down: