Updating or Removing intranet site background image (legacy)

You can update the background image used on all pages of your intranet.

Updating the background image
  1. Upload an image to the library where everyone will have access to it, for example:
  2. Recommended resolution of the image is 1200 x 800 (this is to make sure the image is not so big that it takes time to load, and also not too small to appear blurry)
  3. Once uploaded, click on the image, so it opens in the preview mode in your browser
  4. While in preview, click the [View Original] button as shown below


  1. Copy the browser URL of the original image
  2. Click [Site Contents] under [*] on the homepage
  3. Select [Config] from the list of apps
  4. Edit the item called [bg] and update its [Value] with the URL you have copied in step 5.

NOTE: If after updating the image you still see old image, it might be due to SharePoint caching. Try performing hard refresh: CTRL+F5 or equivalent on a MAC.

Removing the background image and app border / app chrome

To remove the background image, follow these steps:

  1. Click the [*] icon → [Site sontents]
  2. From the list of apps, scroll down to find the sp-chrome app and click on the ellipsis to remove it as shown below:


  1. If you get the notification below, click the [Return to classic] button

  2. Find the sp-chrome app again and select to remove it

  3. Follow the confirmation prompt and the app will be removed in a few minutes

  4. Return to your intranet page and refresh it to see the background removed


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