The background on my apps turned to white

As you update pages in your SharePoint site, you might see that when you save them, the background for some apps has turned to white. See the example with a red arrow pointing to the white background.

You can also see that the section below has a transparent background.

So why is it that the section above has a white background and the section below transparent?

Origami automatically adds the background to a section that only has SharePoint out-of-the-box apps.
We do this because out-f-the-box apps have a transparent background and it’s hard to read the text otherwise.
The section above only has 2 out of the box web parts and that’s why the whole section was given a white background.

The section below has 2 Origami web parts, this way they get their individual background.

If you would like to have apps floating over a transparent background, add at least one Origami web part to the chosen section.

Anything unclear or doesn’t work?
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