Page Banner App (legacy)

The landing page banner provides a quick and easy way to identify the page by the banner image.

If you’re looking for this new banner design you can read more about here.

Example 1 banner with a background image

Example 2 banner with a solid color

Example 3 banner as a large button with a link

Adding a banner app with an image
  1. Click [Edit] on the page you’d like to add the banner to
  2. Click the [+] icon in the desired section
  3. Search for the banner app and add it to the page
  4. Click [Edit web part] link on the page
  5. Set banner text in the [Text] section
  6. Set the image by browsing existing pictures on your site or upload a new image from your computer
  7. Save the page
Changing background color

Instead of having the banner show an image, you can set it to show a solid color like this:

To do that, access the app properties and set the Background Color to any color OR pick from the available approved corporate color options.


NOTE: Approved corporate colors are set in the Configuration list as described here

Changing banner height and width

The width of the banner will depend on the width of the page section it is in.
If the page section is narrow, the banner will resize automatically, so you don’t have to do anything.

You can change the height of the banner to make it appear thinner if needed.

To do that, access the webpart properties and update the desired height from the default 250px to the desired value:


Changing text size

You can change the size of the text in your banner by picking from the list of the available font sizes.

To do that, access the web part properties and update the desired font size from the default value:

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