Error: SharePoint Online and ORIGAMI in IE11

You might have started seeing this for your ORIGAMI apps running in IE11:

The additional details might look like this:

Failed to load component “12473e72-98b6-41a0-9aee-51aa438db0ae” (SpWbpHeaderWebPart). Original error: Failed to load entry point from component “12473e72-98b6-41a0-9aee-51aa438db0ae” (SpWbpHeaderWebPart). Original error: Error loading https://component-id.invalid/12473e72-98b6-41a0-9aee-51aa438db0ae_0.0.1
https://component-id.invalid/12473e72-98b6-41a0-9aee-51aa438db0ae_0.0.1 did not call System.register or AMD define. If loading a global module configure the global name via the meta exports property for script injection support.

The issue

This issue is related to MS retiring support for IE11 and various parts of the service are now breaking:

The solution is to switch to using Edge or Chrome.