KPI and Metrics web part (without targeting)

KPI and Metrics dashboard web part helps your employees see the company and individual performance at a glance.

Setting up the web part

On the page where you’d like to see the web part, add this web part:

Adding/Updating KPI content

To create a new or update KPI metric, open the web part properties by clicking Add/Remove KPIs button:

In here, you can set:

  1. Title - this will be displayed at the top of the metric (Sales, Gift Card Redemption, Cancellations etc)

  2. Value - this is the metric displayed in large font. It can support text or number format

  3. KPI Trend will show and arrow next to the metric depending on the specified trend (up, down, or none).

  4. Details - optional text below the metric (this week, this month, this quarter, or any other qualifier). If you provide the URL, the KPI will point the user to a chosen URL, like this:

  5. Color - HEX color for each KPI item. This can be set to a default value and hidden.

Updating KPI colors and style

  • You can change the color used by each of the sequence steps. Simply enter the color HEX in the [Color] field for the item. For example you might want to show green color when the metric means “good”. Here is where you can pick any HEX color:
  • You can also hardcode a default color when setting up the list so that less advanced users don’t have to fiddle around with the HEX when adding or updating the sequence.
  • Finally, you can automatically set the color depending on your criteria using PowerAutomate workflow

Change Color & Styles

Font Sizes

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