Install Google Analytics tracking in your SharePoint site

Administrators can install Google Analytics to track how their users are behaving on the site.

NOTE: When Google Analytics tracking is enabled, ORIGAMI in-page analytics is disabled to prevent heavy load on pages that might impact usability.


To activate Google Analytics to track your intranet pages, you need to:

  1. Install the Origami Analytics app in your tenant described here:
    Installing Origami Apps

  2. Navigate to each site collection you need to track Google Analytics with (usually sites that are members of the Hub site, but not Teams and Project Sites)

  3. For each of the sites, add and activate the app labelled “sp-chrome-client-side-solution”.


  1. Go to the Hub site of your intranet and navigate to [*]Site contents

  2. Find the list called Config and create a new item in it with the following values:
    Title: TrackingCode
    Value: GTM-********

NOTE: Above value of GTM-******** is your Google Tag Manager tracking code. Here is a quick walkthrough (you’ll need to as far as this section: Install the container ) to associate your Google Analytics with a Google Tag Manager.

  1. Save the new list item and your tracking should be set up.

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