In-page analytics heatmap for SharePoint Online and On-prem

Administrators and power users have access to in-page analytics allowing you to see the heat map of page clicks on select pages.
NOTE: that this feature may not be available in your subscription, please contact your account manager for details.

Installing analytics module (SharePoint Online)

To activate analytics, you need to:

  1. Install the Origami Analytics app in your tenant described here:
    Installing Origami Apps

  2. Add and activate the Origami Analytics app to the site collection where you’d like to start collecting analytics data.

  3. Ensure that at the root of the site collection, there is a list called [Click Map Analytics] with all employees having [Edit] access to it. The list must have the following fields:

    • ScreenResolution: [Single line of text] (needs to be indexed)
    • XCoordinate: [Single line of text]
    • YCoordinate: [Single line of text]
    • PageLink: [Single line of text]
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 for all site collections you’d like to collect analytics data

Installing analytics module (SharePoint On-prem)

For installation of SharePoint in-page analytics on SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019, please contact your ORIGAMI account manager.

Viewing the heatmap

To view the heatmap, the SharePoint [Site Owner] will need to navigate to the page for which they would like to see analytics and select the resolution for which they would like to see the data (see the section on Limitations for details).


To view results for other resolutions, once that resolution is selected by the [Site Owner], the app will refresh the page into that resolution to show the heatmap.

Clearing historical analytics data

Since analytics data is stored in your tenants’ list, it’s necessary to regularly delete historical data to avoid clogging up the list.
We recommend setting up automatic deletion every 15 days. This means that any clicks that originated 15 days ago will be automatically deleted and fresh clicks will remain in the list.

Here is how to set up this schedule:

  1. Navigate to [ClickMapAnalytics] list on your site and access list settings.
  2. Click [Information management policy settings]
  3. Click the [Item] content type
  4. Check [Enable retention] as shown below
  5. Click [Add a retention stage…]
  6. Set the retention schedule as shown below
  7. Click OK to save the retention step.
  8. Click OK on the parent page.
  • Currently, unless you reset analytics data, the heat map will show data from the first 500 user clicks for a given screen resolution, and for a given page.
    For example: If your SharePoint site collection has 3 pages.
    -Page 1 recorded 300 clicks (100 for 1920x1080; and 200 for 1366x768): heatmap will show all clicks for all resolutions.
    -Page 2 recorded 600 clicks (100 for 1920x1080; and 500 for 1366x768): heatmap will show data from 100 clicks for 1920x1080 resolution and 500 clicks from 1366x768 resolution.
    -Page 3 recorded 1200 clicks (100 for 1920x1080; and 1100 for 1366x768): heatmap will show data from 100 clicks for 1920x1080 resolution and 500 clicks from 1366x768 resolution.

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