User profile pictures are not showing in People Directory but are showing in Azure AD

The issue:

When you navigate to the Origami People Directory, you see no pictures for some of the users.
However, when you log into the Azure AD, user pictures show up just fine.

The issue with pictures not showing is a common issue in SPO.

Microsoft stores user photos in various locations, depending on the licence that the user has.
If the user has an Exchange Online licence, their picture is stored in Exchange. If they don’t have Exchange Online, the picture is stored in SharePoint.

Check out this resource to see what you can do synch your pictures and start showing them in the Origami directory and other Office365 directories:

If your users have an Exchange Online licence, and their picture is in Azure AD and is still not propagated to Origami People Directory, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to User Profile manager:
    https://[your tenant]
  2. Find the user that’s missing a picture and click the [Edit profile]
  3. Upload the picture:

  1. Save profile

Repeat steps 2-4 for all users that are missing the picture.

Uploading pictures for a large number of users:
If you need to upload pictures for a large number of users, use this Open Source tool to automate the process:

NOTE: It can take 24 hours for the uploaded pictures to start showing in Delve and in the Origami Directory.