Idea Directory, Crowdsourcing/ Staff bulletin board in SharePoint (legacy)

Idea Directory will allow users to add new short posts. This app can be used for posting Online Learning opportunities, staff bulletin boards, industry news and announcement in SharePoint.

For the new version of this web part, see: Social Corner web part

Adding a new idea directory to your page
  1. Navigate to the page of your intranet and edit the page.

  2. In the web part area of your choice click the (+) button and find the [Origami Idea Directory]

  3. You can optionally specify whether you’d like the directory to show [New]/[Top]/[Latest] buttons to everyone. By default, the [New] button will show to users who have to contribute access to this site.
    You can also choose whether you want to see the author’s name for each of the posts
    Don’t want [Likes] or [Comment] count to show? You can disable them by using the [Disable Social Stats] option:

  4. Save and Publish the page.

Deleting existing posts

This feature will only be available to users who have at least Member access on the site.
To delete an existing post follow these steps:

  1. Locate the post on the board, and click on the heading of the post

  2. When the post opens as a page, click [Page Details] in the taskbar:

  3. In the right-hand side panel, scroll to the bottom until you see [Delete page] link.

  4. Click [Delete] to confirm and your page is now moved to the Recycle Bin.

Advanced: Choose which SharePoint site will keep your posts

By default, all posts are stored on the current SharePoint site. This works great if you are the author of the post and also the site author or admin.

If you need regular Read-only authors to be able to create new posts, you don’t want them to have rights to create anything under the home page site. Otherwise, they may change something on the homepage by mistake. Instead, you would create a new site to keep all of Idea Directory posts.

Authors will need Edit (Member) access on that new site which for all intents and purposes will be just a storage site for the posts. To set this up:

  1. Create a new SharePoint site
  2. Set “Everyone” group or equivalent to have [Member] access.
  3. Navigate to the site where you want your posts shown (such as homepage or New Employee site)
  4. Add the [Idea Directory] app as described above
  5. In the app properties search for the site title (the site you created in step 1), like this:
  6. Select the site where you’d like new posts to be stored and save the page

NOTE: You can have several sites which will store your posts. For example, can use one site for a new campaign and when that campaign is over you switch the Idea Directory to show the standard “Bulletin Board” or “Welcomes” or “New Job Posts” etc

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