Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) App

FAQ is used to answer some of the most common questions users might have when reading the piece of content to avoid emails to authors of the page.

Setting up the web part

On the site where you need to show the web part, create a new SharePoint list with the title [FAQ] with the following fields:

  1. Title [default / no need to create]
  2. Body [multiple lines of text]
  3. Display Order [Number]
Adding and updating FAQs
  1. Select [Site Contents] under [*] on the landing page. On the list of apps following, select [FAQ].
  2. Here you may review and modify your FAQs:
    a. [Title] will display as a header of the FAQ
    b. [Body] will show in the description
  3. Click [Save] when ready, and FAQ will be visible on the site immediately.
Adding a link to an FAQ text

You can link a piece of text inside of an FAQ to another page or a file.

To do that:

  1. Navigate to an FAQ list from [*][Site contents]
  2. Edit the body by clicking the pencil icon, as shown below:
  3. Highlight the text you’d like to hyperlink and enable the link as shown below:
  4. Save the text and the FAQ item.

NOTE: You can access advanced link options, such as opening a link in a new window, by clicking the [Return to classic experience] link next to a Save button.
From here you can access the link Tab and enable the advanced options:

Adding several separate FAQ apps on a single page

You can have several FAQs on a sample page each pointing to their own list with unique content.

Here are the steps to set this up:

  1. Make a copy of the FAQ from the existing one as described in this post: Make a copy of FAQ or Quick Links list

  2. Add any FAQ content to the newly created list

  3. Edit the page where you’d like to have an additional FAQ app and add it from the gallery as usual

  4. Access FAQ app properties and select the new list you have just created.


  1. You can also change the title that will show in the FAQ header so it’s more specific to what this particular FAQ is all about.


  1. Save the page and refresh it to see FAQs being pulled from a separate list
Change the sort order of FAQ items

You can show all FAQs as-is or choose how the order of FAQs will appear by providing the sort field. To change the sort order, access the FAQ web part properties and provide the name of the list field that you want to sort by.

For example, below we have a new field that was created in the FAQ list called DisplayOrder. This is a numeric field with each FAQ item having an assigned order number:

In your FAQ web part property, here is how this DisplayOrder field is referenced:

You can also use the Title field or any other field as you see fit.

Limit how many FAQs are displayed on a page

To keep the FAQ section tidy, you can choose to display a certain number of FAQs and if there are more FAQs than that, the app will display the [View More] button to load more.

To set the limit of max FAQs, follow these steps:

  1. Access the FAQ web part properties
  2. Set the Item Limit property to the desired value:
  3. Save the page

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