Tabs web part (with rich text, images and more)

Got lots of content to show on the page? Origami Tabs web part can help you neatly organize it all.

Pick from thousands of FontAwesome icons:

Or no icons:

Tabs automatically adapt to mobile and small web part sections

Setting up the web part

Edit the page where you want to see the Tabs, and pick this app from the gallery:

Adding a new tab
  1. Edit web part properties and click the Add/Remove Items button

  2. Add, remove, or re-order tabs as you see fit

Changing web part styles

Here are the styling options you can change to your liking:


  • Show Icons will show or hide icons for each tab
  • Hide Table Lines if you’re using tables in your tabs, this option lets you hide gridlines
  • Show Box Shadow will show or hide the border shadow for the entire web part making it look more like part of the page as opposed to a separate component.