Rich Charts and Graphs in SharePoint

Communicate data visually in your SharePoint with rich Charts and Graphs

To add charts and graphs to your page simply find this app and add it to the page:

Adding Chart Data

Most charts show a single trend (series) like this:

To add data for a single trend (series), simply go to web part properties, click the Chart Data button
image and fill in your data like this:

If you want to show multiple trends (for example sales across multiple regions), like this:

You can add these additional trends (series), like this:

You can add up to 8 different series, which will show 8 different lines or bar groups, like this:

NOTE: Pie chart can only show data from single serries, basically showing a single pie chart. To show multiple series simply re-use the Chart app to make multiple Pie charts for each of the serries.

Set Legend Labels

To set refiner labels for each series, like this:

Simply go to web part properties, click the Legend Labels button
image and set a corresponding label for each series, like this:

Set Colors and Styles

You canLegend Colors set what colors will be used in your charts, size of labels and thickness of the line chart with these web part properties:

Legend Colors

Label Font Size

Line Thickness (for line charts)