How can you share Outlook calendar in your SharePoint site?

If you’d like to share an Outlook calendar, such as a resource calendar from Outlook on your SharePoint site, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the SharePoint site of your choice and create a new SharePoint calendar list on it.
    1.1 Click [Gear]Site contents
    1.2 Click [New]App
    1.3 Search for “Calendar” and click on the Calendar app
    1.4 Give the list a new name and create it

  2. Once in the calendar list, click the [Calendar] tab in the [Calendar tools]

  3. Click the [Connect to Outlook] or [Sync to Outlook] icon.

  1. Click [Yes] or [Allow] when prompted, to establish the connection.

  2. Select the Outlook folder and libraries to share on SharePoint, then click [Sync Now]

Now, you’re all set and events will show up from your Outlook calendar for others to see.