Enabling Calendar web part to read from Microsoft 365 group

If you’re using the Calendar web part to show events from a shared Microsoft 365 Group, you first need to allow the Calendar to access groups.

You’ll need to be an Azure Admin to do this, so if you’re not one, please share these steps with your IT.

Here is how to enable the Calendar access Microsoft 365 groups:

  1. Go to portal.azure.com and log in with administrative rights
  2. Click on the Active Directory
  3. On the left panel, select App Registrations
  4. Under All Applications category, find the app named “SharePoint Online Client Extensibility Web Application Principal” as shown below.


Can't see the Extensibility Web Application Principal in the list?

If you can’t see the Extensibility Web Application Principal in the list, you first need to log into your SharePoint Admin Center and approve pending API requests, see the screenshot below)

  1. Click on the app link From the left panel

  2. Select API PermissionAdd a permission

  3. Select Microsoft GraphDelegated permissions

  4. Search for the following permissions:
    -8.1 Calendars.Read.Shared
    -8.2 Group.Read.All

  5. Finally, you will need to grant admin consent as follows:
    -9.1. Select Calendars.Read.Shared from the list you’ve added and click the [Grant admin consent … ] link as shown below
    -9.2. Click Yes and confirm that permission has been granted.
    -9.3 Repeat steps 9.1 and 9.2 for Group.Read.All

Give it a few minutes for this change to propagate in your tenant.