Adding Canva Designs to SharePoint pages (Embed Styles and Script into your SharePoint)

You can embed design built in Canva directly into your SharePoint using the Embed Script web part on your site.

Admin: Enabling the embed app on your site

For each of the Sharepoint sites where you want to embed the Embed app, run the command described here:
How-to add Script Editor app to your SharePoint modern site

Linking to existing Canva design
  1. Build the design of your choosing in Canva

  2. Copy Canva embed code by using the Download menu as shown below

Adding Canva design to your SharePoint intranet
  1. Open a SharePoint page of your choice where you’d like to display the graphic and edit the page as usual.

  2. Add the embed app to your page as shown below

Addign embed app to sharepoint page

  1. Paste the Embed Code you copied from Canva and click the Save button.

  2. Save the page to see the embedded design.

Updating your Canva design

To update your Canva design, go directly to Canva and make any necessary changes.

Any changes you save in Canva will immediately show up on your SharePoint pages where you embedded the design.

If your design appears on more than one page, all of those pages will be updated automatically.

You can change the position of the embedded design and Origami will resize the design automatically for the best resolution.