Show/Hide SharePoint app bar on the left-hand side of your pages

Have you seen this new navigation menu showing on the left-hand side of your Sharepoint modern communication site?


Though handy, the app bar can add clutter to your pages especially if you already have a top navigation on your site.

Key Highlights:
  • Personalized content (sites/news/files) in the SharePoint app bar is enabled by Microsoft Graph
  • You can only customize the Global navigation tab
  • Customizing global navigation requires a [home site] (must be a communication site).
  • When global navigation is disabled or not configured, the home icon links to the SharePoint start page
  • Specific SharePoint app bar tabs cannot be disabled
  • The SharePoint app bar cannot be disabled on specific sites
  • The SharePoint app bar is not available on classic SharePoint sites today, however soon administrators will be able to add it to classic sites manually

How to disable the SharePoint app bar?

You can only disable the SharePoint app bar in your tenant until October 31, 2021. As per Microsoft.

To temporarily disable the SharePoint app bar:

  1. Using the latest version of SharePoint Online PowerShell.
    Run the following command with administrator privileges:
Set-SPOTemporarilyDisableAppBar $true

To enable the SharePoint app bar?

Run the following command:

Set-SPOTemporarilyDisableAppBar $false