Inviting external guests to your SharePoint site

Before you can invite guests that have their own email address to access your SharePoint you need to have your Microsoft 365 admin go over this sequence

Once completed, to add new guests to your site, follow these steps:
NOTE: You have to have admin right to do this.

  1. Open your Microsoft 365 admin center:

2.1 If you have lots of users, you can bulk invite them by following these steps. The come back here to complete step 5.

2.2 If you only have a handful of users, then invite them one-by-one by clicking Add a guest user

  1. Next, select Invite User, and enter their personal email and optionally a name as shown below

  2. Click Invite

  3. Finally, navigate to the site which you’d like to share with the user (Ex. Your intranet page), click [Gear]Site permissions → and give Everyone group read access (this includes the guests):

Here is what happens next:

  1. The user will receive an invite to their personal email within seconds.
  2. They need to click Accept Invite and complete their setup.
  3. Each time the user logs in, they will log in with a one-time code.