Org Chart (SharePoint Modern in Office 365)

The Org Chart provides a quick snapshot of the organization hierarchy and allows users to drill down and explore the organization tree.
The Org Chart relies on the Active Directory [manager] field to show the reporting hierarchy. Names and titles also come from AD.

Setting up a web part
  1. In your SharePoint tenant log into User Profile Service Application:


  1. Click New Property as shown below

  2. Set the property name and display name as “HideFromOrgChart” as shown below

  3. For default privacy setting set “Everyone” as shown below

  4. Click OK o save the new property.

  5. Now, navigate to profile finder:


  1. For each of the users you’d like to hide from the org chart, edit their profile and set their “HideFromOrgChart” value to “1”, as shown below

  2. This change should take affect in a minute for each user.

Adding an Org Chart on to your SharePoint page
  1. Click [Edit] on the page you’d like to add the Org Chart to
  2. Click the [+] icon in the desired section
  3. Search for the app titled Organization Chart (Modern) and add it to the page
  4. Click [Edit web part] link on the page
  5. Optionally set the title of the app in the [WebPart] title section. This will show at the top of the Org Chart hierarchy. Leave this option blank to show nothing.
  6. Set the name of the leader from whom the Org Chart should start. For departmental org charts, this could be the VP of the Department. For Company-wide org chart, this would be your CEO.
  7. Switch [Show all managers] field to ON (most common setting), if you’d like the org chart to show managers as users drill down the hierarchy tree.
  8. Save the page
Org chart card color

NOTE: Org Chart will take the card color from the Configuration list. This will make sure all of your ORIGAMI apps maintain a consistent look & feel. See more for details: Updating colors for Origami apps


Show / hide link to full profile

By default, employees will see a link to a full profile by clicking the :information_source: icon.
This link can be turned off by going to web part properties and switching the [Show link to profile] property to OFF.

Advanced: Setting up manager relationship for the org chart

For the org chart to know how to draw a correct hierarchy, it needs to know who’s the manager of each person.

NOTE: This task will require access to SharePoint Online Exchange admin.

  1. As an administrator, navigate to Sign in to Outlook

  2. Click recipients on the left-hand side menu

  3. Pick a first user from the list and select the [Edit] icon as shown below

  4. Now, pick an [organization] tab on the left, and then [Browse…] next to the “Manager“ field, as shown:

  5. From the list, pick the person’s manager and click OK, then Save.

  6. That’s it, now you just need to repeat steps 3-5 for all the other users so they too have a proper manager assigned OR make updates to a manager field in bulk


  • It might take 24 hours for Office 365 to pick up your manager settings.
  • Users with no manager assigned to them won’t show up on the org chart.

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