Large Multilevel Top Navigation (with targeting)

Top Navigation that’s hard to miss!

Key features:

  • Set link description
  • Set logo size, text size & colors, and background colors
  • Target links based on security groups
  • Show the same navigation across sites
  • Hide SharePoint site and hub navigation
Initial setup

Please follow this video for setup instructions

Configuring Origami Navigation on SharePoint Communication Site - Watch Video

Target links based on security groups

You can make it so navigation links are only shown to specific users based on permission groups.

Here is how you do that:
STEP 1: Setup the list

  • Click [*]Site contents
  • Open the list called Navigation
  • Click [*]List settings
  • Click Advanced settings as shown below
  • Find the Folders setting and set the toggle to Yes as shown below
  • Click Ok to save settings and go back to the Navigation list

Now you can create folders in the navigation list.
Each folder will become the top navigation label as shown below:

STEP 2: Move navigation items into respective folders
If you move navigation items into a folder, these items will show as child navigation items.
You can move items into folders by using drag & drop in the navigation list:

STEP 3: Setting folder permissions
Finally, to allow only specific navigation items to be seen by specific groups or users, simply set permissions on a folder or a list item as you’d normally do in SharePoint:

  • Click Manage access on a given item as shown below:

  • Grant access to a user or group, like this:

Show the same navigation across sites

You can make it so multiple modern SharePoint Sites show the same navigation without having to re-create it.

Here is how to set that up:
STEP 1: Follow the steps in the Initial setup sequence above to set up Origami navigation for your main site.

STEP 2: Enable Origami navigation app on all of the sites that will be sharing your main site navigation, let’s call them children sites. See Initial setup sequence on how to do that.

STEP 3: Point all of your children sites to read navigation from the main site by going to navigation settings and setting the option shown below to main site URL:
Click the check button next to URL to preview what your navigation will look like. If you’re happy with what you’re seeing, click Save.