How to embed a PDF in a modern SharePoint page

Sometimes you may want to embed the PDF right on the SharePoint page (as shown below), so it can be linked in your navigation. Often Employee Handbook or Office Floor Plans are embedded so employee can read the document within your intranet instead of opening it in their PDF reader.

To show a PDF right on the SharePoint page follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the landing page under which you’d like to upload the PDF. Example: Business Resources, Employee Services (as in the example navigation above) or another site.

  2. In the top right hand corner, click [*] -> [Site contents]

  3. Open the [Documents] app by clicking on it:

  4. Upload the document by dragging and dropping it or using the Upload function

  5. Open the uploaded document by clicking on it, grab the static link to the file as shown in the GIF below:

NOTE: From here you can already link the PDF directly to the navigation item (if that’s all you need, here are the steps), but we’re going to embed it right on the page.

  1. Create a new content page and add a File Viewer app to one of the sections on the page by using the (+) button:


  1. In a resulting window, select [From a link] and paste the URL of the PDF you have copied in Step 5 above:

  1. Click [Open] and save the the page. You will see how the PDF is not embedded right on the page.

  2. Now you can copy the URL of the page and link it to the top navigation as described here