Embed live Zoom video meeting or a webinar on your SharePoint intranet page (virtual water cooler)

In this post, I’ll show how you can broadcast/stream live Zoom meetings directly on your SharePoint intranet in Office 365.

This is great for virtual water cooler meetings, live CEO message/broadcasts and other company-wide video communications!

After the broadcast is finished, the video is automatically available for others to view.

Note : Those viewing on your intranet can not interact directly with other attendees, just view and listen. They’ll need a link to a meeting to actually be able to interact.

This allows anyone who has access to your intranet to see your meeting on a page in SharePoint. During the live event, there will be an approximate 20-second delay between the actual Zoom Meeting and the Live stream.

To set this up, we’ll be using:

  • Microsoft Stream
  • Zoom (Meeting host must have at least a Pro account)
  • Office 365 SharePoint

You’ll the following access:

  • Ability to create live events in Microsoft Stream
  • Zoom account admin
  • Ability to create and edit pages in SharePoint

Here are all the details on how to configure this:

Part 1: Enable live streaming in Zoom (one time set up)
  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Click Account Management > Account Settings (you have to be account admin).
  3. Toggle Allow live streaming the meetings under In Meeting (Advanced) , and enable Custom Live Streaming Service.

Part 2: Create Microsoft Stream Live Stream
  1. Log into Office 365 and open Stream or navigate directory to Stream (https://web.microsoftstream.com/)

  2. Click Create > Live event

  3. Fill in at least the Title and Start and End Dates

  4. Click Publish

  5. Click Start setup

Wait till you get this message:

Ready to connect
Connect your encoder now to start sending data

  1. Copy the Server ingest URL and save it for next steps
Part 3: Create a Zoom meeting and make it stream live to Microsoft Stream
  1. Open a new, existing, or scheduled meeting

  2. If you enabled everything in the first part of this walkthrough [Enable live streaming in Zoom], you should see this option: Live on Custom Live STream Service

  1. A browser window will open with the progress bar:


  1. When loaded, you will see the following 3 inputs:


In here:

  • Streaming URL - is the Server ingest URL you copied in Part 2 > Step 6
  • Streaming key - any word as long as it’s not empty
  • Live Streaming Page URL - can be grabbed from Microsoft stream, list of videos, as shown below
    Just click on the name of the live event you created and copy the URL from the bar, then insert it under Live Streaming Page URL
  1. Click the Go Live! button


  1. When complete you will be redirected to the live streaming page.

  1. Now let’s copy the URL of the page to share it on our SharePoint Page, copy the link under the Share:

Part 4: Embedding the live stream on the SharePoint page
  1. Navigate to your SharePoint intranet

  2. Edit the page where you’d like the stream to show up or create a new page

  3. Add a new WebPart to the page, called Stream:


  1. In WebPart properties set Source to Single video, and Video address to the URL you copied in Part 3 > Step 7


  1. Save the page
Part 5: Running the Live Broadcast when it's show time
  1. Start the Zoom meeting as you did in Part 1 during the setup

  2. Start broadcasting to Live on Custom Live Stream Service as you did in Part 3 > Step 2
    Zoom will remember your broadcast settings so no need to reconfigure anything this time.

  3. In Microsoft Stream you were setting up in Part 2, locate the event by going to My Content > Videos

  1. Click Start event

That’s it, the broadcast has started and will be shown on all pages you have embedded

Note: When you Finish event, the video of what has been happening will be available to viewers who missed the event.