EMAIL: Content Owner Training Recap

EMAIL TO: [Content owners] :small_red_triangle:

SUBJECT LINE: Recording and Notes / intranet training


Good morning/afternoon,

Thank you for meeting today for the intranet content owner and author training. Today we reviewed the following:

  • How to create and update site pages
  • Creating news & events
  • Inviting employees to your intranet and sharing content with others
  • Managing permissions and securing content
  • Creating and updating quick links
  • Uploading and Sharing Documents

For quick up to date steps on how to get things done in ORIGAMI or SharePoint see:

If you have any questions on what was shown today please join our drop-in lounge (invite coming shortly from the [project manager] :small_red_triangle:).

The recording for today’s meeting is here: [recording link] :small_red_triangle:).